Have a nice journey

General rules on fishing lake


1 Please respect the lakes and their surroundings. No digging or cutting of trees and vegetation. Personal barbecues are permitted but no campfires.

2 No litter will be tolerated rubbish bags are available from the on site manager. Do not throw cigarette butts in the lake.

3 3 rods permitted, all anglers must have an unhooking mat. Rods must be attended at all times.

4 Braided mainline and leadcore rigs are not permitted. Please ensure that all rigs will allow the lead to discharge easily, especially if you are using shock leaders. Barbless hooks only. One hook per line.

5 Carp sacks are permitted for Mirror and Common carp only. Catfish, Gras Carp, pike, Zander, Sturgeon and Koi carp must not be sacked. Please use common sense when sacking carp. Only use sack for the minimum amount of time if in doubt do not sack. Please make use of flash photography.

6 Please fish straight out from your swim do not cast in to other swims.

7 Boats are allowed subject to the following. The boats must be hard hull, all people using a boat do so at their own risk and must use a life jacket and not wear boots or waders. They may be used to bait up with and place markers up to 110metres from the bank. They may be used in the morning and between 19.00-20.00hrs these times may vary depending on the time of year and fishing conditions. The on site manager will advise.

8 Bait boats are permitted and can be used at any time, please respect your fellow anglers when using bait boats, and row boats to keep disturbance to a minimum.

9 All particles must be correctly prepared. Please use in moderation. Particles by Dynamite Baits are recommended.

10 Drug use is absolutely forbidden. Offenders will be asked to leave with no refunds. Please enjoy a drink but not to excess or to the detriment of other anglers.

11 Please fill in a catch return sheet available from the manager.

12 All anglers are responsible for their actions and are responsible for ensuring that they park their cars sensibly and act in accordance with the above regulations. Please leave the lake as you found it.

13 Arrival at the lake is from midday and swims must be clear by 10.00am on the day of departure. Fishing is from March to November. Deposits are non refundable.

14 Franck’s decision is finally in the event of any disputes. The failure to comply with any of the above may result in expulsion with no refund.

15 Please make any photographs or articles available for publicity purposes.

16 Your completed booking form and deposit mean that you agree to abide with the regulations of Les Etangs de Vaumigny.